Its spring - so it must be showcase time!

Time for Moving up and Moving on!

Every year, around this time, dancers, teachers, and artistic directors start to feel the days waning before the end of the year comes to pass. We, at ATDW, are not immune to this feeling. We know that our dancers are looking forward to putting their new skills to the test onstage and that parents are eager to support their dancers as they enter stage left and hit their marks. It is all very exciting - but it's a bit melancholic as well.

We feel the tug of heartstrings as our seniors prepare to leave and begin to start their next adventure: whether it's dancing in college, professionally or never again - we hope to leave them with lasting memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. They know, as each class before them has, they are forever welcome in our classes and studio. We enjoy seeing them spread their wings and truly rejoice in their returning to share their exploits. They will always be a part of our hearts and our studio. To the class of 2017 - we give you our hearts, our passion for the arts and the hope that you'll take them forward and share them with all you meet. We shall miss you, thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams with us at the Workshop. Make Art - Spread Peace.

"work as if you don't need the money, Love as if you've never been hurt, Dance like no one is watching"