American Theater Dance Workshop policies are in place to provide all of our students the best learning experience.

Dress Code

Proper attire is necessary for correct body placement and the discipline of dance class. Students will not be permitted to take class if they do not have the proper attire; however, they may observe.

Creative Dance 

Any colored leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers.

Pre Ballet Plus

Light pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers.


Ballet: Pink ballet slippers, black leotard, pink tights.

Theater Dance & Musical Theater: Black jazz shoes, black leotard, black tights or jazz pants. Only the ATDW T-shirts are permitted as a cover up.

Hair: Ballet in a bun. Neat and pulled back off the face for other classes.

Jewelry: Please do not wear jewelry to class.


Proper dance shoes—ballet slippers, jazz shoes, tap shoes in black, black tights or jazz pants with white or ATDW T-shirt..


The American Theater Dance Workshop will not be held responsible for the loss of personal property or injury.

All fees are non-refundable; classes are non-transferrable.

Students more than fifteen minutes late will not be permitted in class.

Dance is a “hands-on” discipline. It is necessary at times for a teacher to touch and direct a student’s hands, arms, legs, feet, torso and head in the course of training.


All students are required to attend every class in which they are enrolled. Excessive absences may jeopardize her/his participation in the end-of-year show and promotion for the following year. Students should make up classes within the immediate semester either in the level missesd or one level below.