Auditions for our next production of Little Women
will be held on May 29th (between 6:30 pm and 9pm)

Performance Dates July 17-20 (5 shows)
Rehearsals June 24-July 16 (m-f 5pm-10pm)
please email:
(video Submissions welcome with picture & Resume)
or call the office (516) 248-6420 to schedule your appointment. 

To Schedule an AUDITION email:


Jo March

Our story's protagonist. Passionate, adventurous, and brave. She has the idea of writing Little Women and eventually becomes engaged to Professor Bhaer.

Gender: Female

Age: 16 to 23

Vocal range top: A5

Vocal range bottom: E3

Professor Bhaer

German Professor who exemplifies proper manners. He is a boarder in Mrs. Kirk's boarding house and eventually falls in love with Jo.

Gender: Male

Age:16 to 25

Vocal range top: F#4

Vocal range bottom: G2

Amy March

The youngest, most energetic sister with a rather pompous air about her. She later marries Laurie. Can double as Troll.

Gender: Female

Age: 14 to 19

Vocal range top: Gb5

Vocal range bottom: -1

Meg March

The world-weary, yet hopeful, oldest sister who yearns for a great life. She marries John and has twins with him. Can double as Clarissa.

Gender: Female

Age: 16 to 25

Vocal range top: Gb5

Vocal range bottom: A#3

Beth March

The second youngest sister who tragically dies of Scarlet Fever. Peace-maker, lover, and an optimist who is always encouraging her sisters to dream. Can double as Rodrigo II.

Gender: Female

Age: 17 to 25

Vocal range top: G5

Vocal range bottom: A3

Marmee March

The girls' mother. She is the strong backbone of the family, who is courageous in spite of the difficult odds she faces. Can double as Hag.

Gender: Female

Age: 25 to 55

Vocal range top: Eb5

Vocal range bottom: Eb3

Mr. Laurence

Gender: Male

Age: 25+

Vocal range top: D4

Vocal range bottom: D3

Laurie Laurence

The bright-eyed boy-next-door with considerable charm. He loves Jo but later falls in love with Amy.

Gender: Male

Age: 17 to 23

Vocal range top: Bb4

Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Aunt March

A formidable, over-bearing matron and great-aunt to the March sisters. The wealthy socialite in town. Can double as Mrs. Kirk.

Gender: Female

Age: 20 to 60

Vocal range top: F5

Vocal range bottom: E3

Mr. John Brooke

Laurie's tutor and a rather stiff man; shows very little emotion. He later marries Meg and changes.

Gender: Male

Age: 16 to 30

Vocal range top: F#4

Vocal range bottom: C#3